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Our Story
Our Story
By Dominique Gallotta, co-founder, bakery chef, and woman showing off in photo.

It began innocently enough one Monday morning with my husband standing in the kitchen anxious to leave for work and complaining about how much time it took to make one of our “breakfast shakes”. I said, “I wish there was a place up the street where we could just pick one up.” He responded, ” There isn’t. So why don’t we do it!” And that’s how this whole beautiful journey began.

From that little seed, we grew a business.

First, we teamed up with our nutritionist and dear friend, Jennifer Jaben, who helped us improve our existing recipes and create new ones. This phase took many months of exhausting trial and error because every shake had to be gluten and dairy free, all natural, low glycemic, high in protein, nutritionally balanced, and, most importantly, drop dead delicious all at the same time. Not an easy task.

After much experimentation we settled on 8 shakes and now it was time to subject our shakes and our delicate egos to objective opinions. So we invited 25 people over to our house for a taste-testing event where we asked everyone to evaluate each shake with brutal, uncompromising honesty. We took every comment to heart and spent another three months tweaking and refining all the recipes until we had something we were unabashedly enthusiastic and confident in.

Then we did something that made no sense and yet perfect sense — we brought in a former nuclear physicist who was our brother-in-law, Wayne Norris, to handle the technological and financial areas of our business, and then we invited a well-known blues musician, long-time friend, and shake lover from Memphis, Tennessee, Laura Cupit, to become our founding investor, and together we launched The Daily Shake.

We named our business The Daily Shake¬†because we want our customers to think of our shakes as a “daily habit” towards better health and well-being. Instead of eggs and bacon or sugary breakfast cereals every morning, we want you and your family to experience a delicious, high protein “meal replacement shake” without any of the grease, sugar, and cholesterol.

That’s our story.

We realized there was a health vacuum in the sugar and fruit based smoothie industry and so we declared ourselves the “anti smoothie” and launched our first store at the corner of Pico and Hauser in Los Angeles where we believe in greeting each customer as if they were walking into our home.

We invite you to come by. Get to know us. And give us the chance to help make every day a healthier one for you.