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Original Daily Shake
Original Daily Shake Deliciously Satisfying
Coffee Shake
Coffee Shake A Healthy Pick-Me-Up
Green Shake
Green Shake Garden Fresh Energy
Coconut Vanilla Shake
Coconut Vanilla Shake Fantastic Flavor Combo
Fruit Shake
Fruit Shake Light & Refreshing
Chai Latte Shake
Chai Latte Shake Sweet & Aromatic
Chocolate Shake
Chocolate Shake A Timeless Classic
Chocolate Espresso
Chocolate Espresso Smooth & Distinctive

Daily Shake: The Anti-Smoothie

Most smoothies are made with concentrated amounts of fruit, fruit juice, and flavored frozen yogurt and sweetened protein powder. That means they contain high amounts of fruit sugar that the body converts into unhealthy fat and cholesterol. High sugar content also lowers the body’s immune system and can be a primary cause of disease.

Our shakes are dairy free, low in sugar, and packed with:

  • . High quality protein
  • . Healthy fats
  • . Low glycemic carbohydrates

A complete, balanced meal replacement for any time of the day, everyday.

That’s why we are

So Smooth... So Good... So Healthy... Try All The Flavors!
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18oz Full Meal Replacement $8.95